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Importance of Panchgavya Therapy cannot be denied but the real appreciation requires distinction between Indian breeds of Cow versus the Exotic Cow. Mostly people say cow is cow – what of Indian (Deshi) or exotic (Videshi). Here the reality is that Panchgavya is only from Indian cow, it cannot come from exotic cow. The reasons have already been examined by researchers and we cannot find Panchgavya from other than Indian. It is the difference of MOTHER COW and a foreigner madam (mam).

For last more than 100 years the resources for cow provided by Hindus as donations collected by Saints and Gaushalas are being shared by exotic cow on the pretext that:

Cow is cow what Deshi or what Exotic.

Following this the Government’s approach also protects both mother cow and exotic cow simultaneously. If we see to western world we find that exotic cow is reared for the purposes of beef and it cannot produce Panchgavya. Under these circumstances the protection is required for Indian breeds of mother cow. For exotic cow the protection should be like an animal meant for beef as is available to animals like swine, pig, goat, sheep etc.

Further A 2 milk and A 1 milk has to be distinguished only then Panchgavya therapy can proceed. Most importantly the economic pricing of elements of Panchgavya has to be protected and enhanced otherwise extinction of Indian Breeds cannot be stopped. Rate of Indian Cow milk and milk products must be placed at least 3/4 times of exotic cow. It goes without saying that for Panchgavya urine of Deshi cow is compulsory.

We must also realize and trace the variations of Deshi cow dung and exotic cow dung. It is submitted that deshi cow dung has got 3 to 4 times more fibre contents than exotic cow dung and thereby valuation of deshi cow dung ought to be higher than exotic cow dung.

Apart from submissions as above we are putting case studies on deshi cow deshi ghee.

1-Enhanced supply of oxygen to brain by putting or applying drops of deshi cow deshi ghee in each nostril has been experienced and experimented.

It has been experimented on the heights of Gangotri to Gomukh and on Amarnath reaching from Sheshnag that persons applying deshi cow deshi ghee in nostrils did not feel shortfall of oxygen.

It can be experimented anytime, anywhere by anybody. When you move fast or run or going fast on stairs, you start breathless, it is due to short supply of oxygen in body (lungs). At this point of time if you apply 1-2 drops in each nostril and inhale deeply, the restoration of oxygen is very fast and breathlessness disappears.

2-Pneumonia – In many cases acute/serious Pneumonia has been cured by keeping the patient in a closed room (devoid of outer air entry) and burning a Deepak (lamp) with deshi cow deshi ghee and thick cotton bathi for about 24 to 72 hours.

Additionally for quicker relief external use of lukewarm deshi cow deshi ghee mixed with fine grounded rock salt (Sendha Namak) applying it on chest and back of the patient.

Case Study: A mother expired during delivery leaving newly born baby to grand mother (Nani). The baby was having acute cough and could not sleep for 3 days and nights. The baby was restless and continued sounds of cough accumulation. Allopathic Medicines were ineffective. At this stage at around 8 PM the above two procedures were adopted, the baby got sleep within 5 minutes, could sleep for 4 hours at first stretch and again slept for 3 hours. In the morning the cough sound was reduced to 20 % and in next two days the baby was free from ailment.

3-Cough & Cold – Take deshi cow deshi ghee in a dropper and put 2/3 drops in each nostril while it is lukewarm. Apply 4/5 times a day for 3/4 days, it will ooze out cough outside the body and will not leave after effects of cough & cold.

4-Ayurveda Ghrit – These are made out of various concoctions being put in deshi cow deshi ghee according to process described in Ayurveda.

These do create miracles as claimed for various types of Ayurveda Ghrit; the most essential element deshi cow deshi ghee has to be used for getting results.

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