Gavyamrut is a brand name which is owned by Company Parthvimeda Panchgavy Utpad Pvt Ltd (PPUPL) and the logo is trademarked under the Company. PPUPL provides superior quality Desi Cow products at affordable price and create awareness among people on benefit of using Desi Cow’s products inclusive Milk, Gau Mutra and Dung. Milk is one of the products we get from cow. Most of the people think it is the only product but milk is only one part of the whole. Desi Gau Mutra is scientifically proven for its anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties and Cow dung or Gobar – as called in Hindi has high micro-organismic value. This is helpful to increase fertility and productivity of soil. Cow Dung Compost is a natural fertilizer and many other organic fertilizers can be made from cow dung. Cow dung is a part of many Ayurvedic Medicines. phosphorous content from the cows is more enriching the soil.

Parthvimeda Panchgavy Utpad Private Limited

The Company, “Parthvimeda Panchgavy Utpad Private Limited is Delhi based company which is established in 2009 having its manufacturing unit at Village Badsam, Sanchore, Jalore, Rajasthan. The Company deals with only Indian Deshi Cow A 2 Milk and this USP (Unique Selling Proposition) is claimed to be only and exclusive unit in India. The company purchases milk from the radius of 500 KM from the producers rearing Deshi Cow only. We have 11 Chilling centers cum collection centers and number of village societies involved in procuring the raw milk. Milk is collected at chilling centers and dispatched to dairy plant wherein we process the same and sell Indian cow raw milk (4.50 fat and 3.00 fat), Indian Cow Ghee, A 2 Milk Powder and sweets etc. An independent unit for production of Mineral Mixture Enzymes / Vitamins / Minerals for cows has been started. The ancillary units are engaged in manufacturing of Biscuits, Distilled Cow Urine, Panchgavy and Ayurveda medicines, Pynail, Paper and Cardboard using cow dung, Organic Manure etc.

The company has its branches and C&F agents at major stations such as Ahmedabad, Surat, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Agra, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai etc. and having more than 500 dealors / stores all over India. Company has its head office and marketing office at Agra (Address: 74, Saket Mall, Gandhi Nagar, Agra and Shankar Point, Near ITO, Sanjay Place, Agra).